The workshop kicks off

The workshop kicked off  tonight with a special screening  ‘Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh’ introduced by Richard Hendin from ISEC.

Ancient Futures [provides] a richly intimate look at the traditional culture of Ladakh, and an unflinching description of the psychological, social, and environmental costs of western-style ‘modernization’. The film chronicles some of the negative impacts that unfolded in Ladakh after it was opened to “development” in 1975. The story of Ladakh teaches us about the root causes of our own social and ecological challenges and provokes viewers to re-examine the meaning of “progress”. Profound insights into what the modern world can learn from traditional cultures make Ancient Futures an inspiration for all who seek a better world.

–         ISEC (International Society for Ecology & Culture)

This was a thought provoking introduction. Of particular relevance to this workshop was the analysis of the imposed education system which seems to result in the distancing of the pupils from their cultural heritage and traditional modes of community employment.

We were delighted to invite Richard Hendin to eat with us afterwards enabling a lively and informative discussion about the issues raised in the film.


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