Learning in Leh

Day 3 PM: Secmol


SECMOL is situated in a remote and dramatic location on the banks of the Indus.  It is the culmination of 2 peoples energies and drive for an alternative approach to living and education in Ladakh.

The campus is a collection of experimental and energy efficient buildings made out of  materials from the surrounding  environment. Mud is everywhere and spaces are warm and welcoming!  Thick rammed earth walls and trombe walls soak up sunshine during the day and radiate warmth at night. Energy and water is harnessed from the environment  and not a scrap of material is wasted. From salvaged oil drums to rubbish pushed into ceiling cracks.

Children are admitted at 17/18 as an alternative to mainstream Government education, which has failed to give them adequate skills to cope with everyday life. Students are given responsibility for running of their environment; maintaining the buildings, vegetable patches and animals. This gives them skills for life and confidence to become an adult.

It is a continually evolving project, forward thinking, experimental and an inspiring place that everyone should have an opportunity to visit.

There is a lot for us to learn from this school – from the low-cost, local approaches to technology and materials t0 the inspiring learning environments.