Days 4 and 5: Surveying in Leh old town

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For these two days we surveyed a dilapidated house in the old town for Andre Alexander of the Tibet Heritage Fund.

The house is located right on the edge of the old town on a constrained L shaped site.  Since several of the rooms on the first floor are accessed directly off a balcony around the courtyard we wondered if the house might once have been an inn.

Working in small groups we measured the ground floor, first floor, roof and external and internal elevations.  Two of the team who are building surveyors also completed a detailed conditions survey of the building which revealed some serious structural issues.

“During the measured survey of the residential property in Leh Old Town the owner visited to see what the group were doing. She explained that the road level at the front of the property had increased significantly and that this had led to the continual flooding of her courtyard. Both this and the deteriorated condition of the property were the reasons she had left her home, but she hoped in the future she could return.”Marianne Benzie


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