Days 11,12 and 13: The seat prototype group

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A team from the Immediate/Seat/Prototype group have been responsible for the procurement of the materials for the seat construction. They followed leads and tips on where to find the best material, and had to guess/compromise and bargain in order to get the quality and quantities they were after.

The first stop was mud blocks, where 220 mudblocks were loaded into the back of the truck. Once these were unloaded the team then went out again while the sun was beginning to set in search of clay. We arrived somewhere near Spituk (which felt very deserted) to find a large crater and a JCB digger. They filled the back of the truck with clay and we drove back to Leh to unload the precious material in the dark.

The next day we went in search of stone and were directed towards a quarry where we picked up a selection of large and small pieces of granite. It was hard to see who was managing the quarry and who to pay for the stone!


Different teams have been involved in the various stages of the construction. Under supervision from our team the local mason and labourer have prepared the foundations and walls up to 450mm. The same team have been constructing the post and beams to support the roof which has involved preparing holes with a mini-augur and chiselling pegs to fit the holes. Another team has been investigating rammed earth mixes and block work arrangements for the walls.


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